Political Christology in Late Antiquity and in the Qur’an
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Political Christology in Late Antiquity and in the Qur’an

A seminar to seek understanding across religious traditions

The 2023 Gingko Interfaith Fellowship Retreat is a joint project between the British Charity Gingko and the International Center for Comparative Theology and Social Issues at the University of Bonn. The theme of the 2023 Retreat will be ‘Political Christology in Late Antiquity and in the Qur’an.’

The seminar will explore the political dimension of Christological tenets in both Antiquity and contemporary approaches. First, this will help to gain a better understanding of the Qur’an and its Late Antique environment. It will be examined how the Qur’an is engaged in debates evolving around the imperial theology of the Byzantine empire. Second, the course will address the question of the systematic relevance of contemporary Christology in interreligious encounters. The participants will discuss changes and developments within modern Systematic Theology and ask how they relate to the Qur’anic discourses. Third, Muslim perspectives of Christ, the atonement and crucifixion will be explored.

Preparatory readings for the Retreat will be provided in advance.



Prof. Dr. Klaus von Stosch, Systematic Theology, University of Bonn

Dr. Joshua Ralston (BA, MTh, MDiv, PhD), Reader in Christian-Muslim Relations, University of Edinburgh

Dr. Seyed Ali Aghaei, Quranic Studies, University of Paderborn

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